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Cabinet Painting Services

Looking for Expert Cabinet Painting near you?

At First Call Painters, we specialize in painting kitchen cabinets to bring new life to your space. My team of experienced professionals is ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Our Service Area

First Call Painters cover all South East Florida:

Price for Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Affordable and Cost-effective

Revitalizing your kitchen doesn't have to break the bank. With the affordable prices I offer to my local clients, you can give your cabinets a fresh, updated look without draining your savings, I promise you.

On average, you can expect to pay between $3 and $10 per square foot when painting your kitchen cabinets, or between $30 and $60 per linear foot. This cost usually covers all the supplies, materials, and labor I'll require to complete the task.

Once you are ready to take on I will personally provide you with a transparent and competitive quote, tailored to your specific project and needs.


Painting Cabinets vs. Replacing: The Smarter Choice

Why spend a fortune on new cabinets when you can achieve the same transformation with a fresh coat of paint?


Let me tell you, painting cabinets is a cost-effective alternative to replacing them entirely. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time and minimizes the disruption caused by a full cabinet replacement project.

Staining vs. Painting Cabinets: Choosing the Right Option

When it comes to transforming your cabinets, staining and painting are both viable options in my opinion.


Staining enhances the natural wood grain, while painting allows you to explore an array of vibrant colors, which is our most requested option locally.


If you are not quite sure about which color or technique will suit best your space I can guide you in choosing the perfect option for your cabinets, ensuring they match your style and preferences.

We Use Only the Best Paint for Painting Cabinet Projects

At First Call Painters, we prioritize quality and communication with our customers which is why we only work with the best paint products in the industry by request of most of them.

We understand that durability and a flawless finish are essential for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets' longevity. My team of professional cabinet painters pays attention to every detail to deliver a stunning result that will withstand the test of time, ensuring your satisfaction.

Ready to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Look?

Contact me today for a free estimate and let us transform your kitchen cabinets into the focal point of your dream kitchen.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to revitalize your space with local professional cabinet painting. Get in touch now, and let's get started!



Transform Your Kitchen with Professional Cabinet Painting Services

At First Call Painters, we believe that every kitchen and bathroom deserves a makeover everyone in a while, and that's why I take the time to find experienced team members with the skills and expertise to bring out the best in your cabinets, enhancing their beauty and functionality.


Say goodbye to dull and outdated cabinets and hello to a stunning, revitalized kitchen and bathroom.

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