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Commercial Interior Painting

Interior Painting to Improve and Protect Commercial Properties

With an office or fleet of locations, your commercial property needs a fresh color coat every few years to maintain the curb appeal of your business and attract more customers. Painting your commercial property can be disruptive to operations, both in the physical damage done to the premises and the potential for lost revenue due to business disruptions.

First Call Painters offers customized commercial painting services, and works with business owners to maximize the efficiencies of their painting experts. Our trained painters will craft a solution for your specific commercial property needs. This means selecting products that work with your existing systems, scheduling and prioritizing projects to reflect your priorities, and overseeing the job accrual from start to finish. We guarantee the highest quality of service at every commercial paint job we complete.

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Best Interior Paint Options for Your Commercial Property

First Call Painters specializing in commercial properties can help you choose the correct paint coating for differing work areas, environmental conditions, and long-lasting performance.

When it's time to choose smooth, high-performance egg-shell, medium or high gloss paints and coatings for a commercial property, we can help. We distribute all of the best brands, and we are fully trained in selecting excellent interior paints. Plus our team takes care to follow all code requirements during installation to ensure that your structure is protected over the long term.

Commercial Property painting is done for the purpose of making a commercial or business building more attractive, and to keep it in good condition. We understand that budget is an essential part of any project, so we work hard to make sure you get the most for your money. Please do not hesitate contacting us at the office phone or send us a message through contact form. We always take great pride in providing exceptional services and can't wait to help you with your next project!


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Interior Commercial Painting 

Our Specialty! 

You will receive an outstanding interior painting service, we serve across all South Florida, and provide a wide portfolio of services. We specialize in pure interior painting of commercial properties - apartments, condominiums, townhouses and HOA's. Our services include pre-paint cleaning, full paint preparation and applying white wash on drywall joints and baseboards, priming decorative accessories like radiators, lighting collars, window sills etc., painting of the walls (interior only), painting of the ceiling (interior only), painting of the plastic windows (interior only), service entrance doors (interior only). We have enormous clientele in residential and commercial scenes. We believe in delivering the best possible finish in interior painting for our clients.

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