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Interior Painting Services

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Hi, Juan here!


If it is your first time painting your house, first, we are going to help you choose the right colors you are looking for, if you don't know about illumination and its importance when it comes to interior painting jobs, no worries that is why you are hiring First Call Painters, we have enough patience to give you all the details you need to know. We know how much you want to bring a cuddly place for your family.

If you want some inspiration you can take a look at our portfolio of clients or use an app like Pinterest, then save the project you liked most and show us during our visit.


How much can you expect to pay for an interior painting job?

Here are some insights that will guide you in average costs to paint the inside of your property. Bear in mind that your location is a factor to consider regarding costs.

Cost to paint interior of house per square foot

On average, we can say that the interior painting cost per sq. ft. can be found between $1.50 and $3.50. If you’re planning to include trims and ceilings, you might pay around $3-$4. You can spend from $350 to $850 approximately to paint a single room, depending on size. You can attribute 70%- 85% of your total paint job to labor cost. You might be requested to pay more in case the walls need repair. All these numbers are set considering that you’re hiring a professional painter.

Our service area

First Call Painters cover all South East Florida:

  • St Lucie County

  • Martin County

  • Palm Beach County

  • Broward County

  • Miami-Dade County


The guarantee in our 

residential interior painting

Hiring First Call Painters can guarantee a team of professional painters ready to bring quality, professionalism and privacy. We always take the extra step to make sure you are 110% satisfied with your interior painting project. We want you to know that if at the end of the project you see any detail in our job, you can call us, and we'll come back out to take care of it at no additional charge. Furthermore, we love to see the happy face of our customers and their family at the end of each project. You will feel that beautiful sensation of a fresh house, the same sensation of the sunrise at the beach after your interior painting service. If you have any questions about our interior painting services, you can get in contact with First Call Painters, and we will be eager to help!

We are an interior painting company with vast experience on the market. We do not only offer residential interior painting jobs, but also commercial interior painting ones. We will give you a free interior painting quote and offer assistance, if requested. You can find us in West Palm Beach, but we also carry out projects in all South Florida! We are well-rated professionals. Click below to get a free interior painting quote now or contact us! If you are a Spanish speaker, our employees who speak the language fluently, will be ready to listen to you!


Interior House Painting

When you decide to apply a fresh coat of paint you can have a positive impact on your home’s interior! Interior painting will change not only the feel of your space, but how you view it as well. Changing the color scheme can make your family feel like a brand new person in their own home.

By our side, First Call Painters has made the process of getting your house's interior painted a piece of cake. We do not only offer quality, but also speed. So, you don’t need to worry about anything but relax. These are the interior painting services we offer:


  • Kitchens,

  • Living Rooms,

  • Dining Rooms,

  • Bedrooms,

  • Bathrooms,

  • Hallways,

  • Home Offices,

  • Nurseries,

  • Foyers,

  • Basements,

  • Doors, and

  • Windows.

You can choose among an array of painting house interior color schemes. Probably, living room interior paint color is what most people ask for, but also picking up the right interior painting bathroom paint as well as kitchen interior paint colors are important to transform your house completely.



Once your painting job is booked, we schedule a call before the projects starts to look over some details:


Color and details confirmation,

All valuables removal, including fragile items, pictures and shelves,

Pet relocation while painting is completed,

Clearing out doubts about the entire project


Our team of professionals will inspect your property before starting to paint to evaluate the project and prepare your home for the painting day:


  • Floor and furniture covering, 

  • Holes or cracks in the walls filling,

  • Drywall repair,

  • Wallpaper removal, and

  • Window caulking.

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