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Our Interior Painting Portfolio 

office space painting in a house in west palm beach.png

Interior & Cabinets Painting in West Palm Beach House

This painting job was a pleasant task for my team, especially because we adore the design of this beautiful house in the West Palm Beach area. The walls have been painted in a bright white, which enhances the vibrant colors of the wood. This demonstrates that using a light-colored background can make bold colors appear even more lively and captivating. Moreover, both rooms have been repainted and rejuvenated.

Interior Painting in Delray Beach

After trying three different color combinations, we ultimately chose a fresh green and a light gray tone for the walls. The client specifically wanted a "classic Floridian style". Once we completed the interior painting, we rearranged the furniture, resulting in a beautiful and cozy home for the owner.


Boca Raton Interior and Cabinets Painting

We are proud to present one of our recent projects located in Boca Raton, Florida. Our team embarked on an interior project, which involved refreshing the paint, baseboards, and door trim. The house already had a white color scheme, so we simply applied a couple of coats for a fresh look. However, the cabinets were originally in brown tones. After advising our client, who had black furniture, we suggested painting the cabinets white to achieve a classic modern aesthetic. Thankfully, our client agreed, and we are thrilled to showcase the before and after results of this transformation.

Kitchen and Cabinets Painting Juno Beach

We did this job for a client of ours in Juno Beach, FL. The homeowner wanted to have a minimalist look in his kitchen, so we painted the cabinetry and walls on a bright white. I know that you are looking at the night picture, and you might think that it is not bright enough to appreciate, but trust me this house was decorated with a lot of light during the day.


Interior Painting in West Palm

While working in Palm Beach, we connected with a client in need of interior painting services. They approached us after seeing our work on an apartment interior painting project in West Palm Beach. The client wanted their entire apartment painted following a stunning new floor installation. We were delighted to complete the job successfully and ensure another satisfied client.

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