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Our Interior Painting Portfolio 


Boca Raton Interior and Cabinets Painting

Here is a project we're proud of, in this property located in Boca Raton, Florida, we started doing an interior project with all new interior paint, baseboards and door trim. We provided painting services for a client. The house was already painted in white tones so what we did was just give a couple coats for fresh look, but the cabinets were in brown tones. We advised our client that most of their furniture was black and that it would give the house a classic modern look to paint the cabinets white. He decided to take our advice and here are the result and part of the process.

Interior Painting in Delray Beach

After try three different combinations of colors, we decided to go with this fresh green and a light gray tone in his walls. The client was looking for a "classic Floridian style", once completed the interior painting we rearrange the furniture with the owner getting as a result beautiful cozy home.


Apartment Interior Painting Palm Beach

This painting job is a small but important one, at least for me because I love the design of this apartment located in downtown West Palm Beach. The walls are painted in a bright white, making the colors of the wood pop. It shows that a light colored background can be used to make strong colors seem even more vibrant and exciting. Both rooms have been repainted and renewed as well.

Interior Painting in West Palm

Working in the area of Palm Beach we met another client that needs interior painting services. After doing an apartment interior painting in West Palm Beach, I was approached by a new client who wanted his entire apartment painted after a beautiful new floor installation. We were very happy to finish this job successfully and achieve another happy client.


Kitchen and Cabinets Painting Juno Beach

We did this job for a client of ours in Juno Beach, FL. The homeowner wanted to have a minimalist look in his kitchen, so we painted the cabinetry and walls on a bright white. I know that you are looking at the night picture, and you might think that it is not bright enough to appreciate, but trust me this house was decorated with a lot of light during the day.

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