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Crown Molding Services

Crown Molding South Florida

Fine Elegance in the Details

Crown molding is the ideal choice for home décor because it adds visual design appeal. It creates a finished appearance in the area where the ceiling meets the walls. Whether you’d like to install new crown molding, or simply update your current look, our experts can help ensure that the look is customized to your home and your aesthetic preference.


Crown Molding Installation Services

High-quality crown molding is a popular choice to increase a home’s appeal. A professional installer can bring your vision to life, increasing the value of your home in the process. Installation and repair services are available for virtually any room, however, it is not typically recommended for rooms with curved walls or rounded ceilings. Every case is unique, and your professional installer will discuss any limitations before beginning the installation process.

Add a touch of character to your home with crown molding. Crown molding is available in a variety of sizes and styles and can complement almost any home due to its versatility. The style of home helps to determine which type of crown molding will fit the best. Styles include baseboard molding, door and window molding, chair rail and trim molding, shoe and quarter round molding, corner and block molding, and picture frame molding. First Call Painters provides free design consultations to save you time and stress. We can make it easy to select which option best suits your home.


Crown Molding
Painting Services

Old crown molding can become cracked or separated in areas. When this happens, First Call Painters can restore it to look better than before. We can usually fix cracks or broken areas with wood filler or replacement molding. Over time, crown molding can become separated from the ceiling, which will require re-caulking. Warped areas might need replacement. We can fix any seams in the crown molding if they become separated.

Crown Molding Repair Services

If your crown molding is warped, cupping, or rotting, look no further. Not only can we make certain repairs like filling cracks or replacing sections of molding, we can also restore damaged trim to look better than before. With First Call Painters, we make sure the problem gets fixed right the first time, so there won’t be any more scratches or imperfections in the future.

Crown Molding Painting Cost

Our team can help you estimate the cost, depending on factors like the shape of the room, ceiling, and walls. Once you book, we will coordinate with you to determine the size of the project and give you a free estimate. On the scheduled day, our team will arrive at your home, do a walkthrough with you, answer any questions you may have, and then get to work.

Call for a free estimate and consultation. Professional interior house painters can add quality to your life! Elevate your lifestyle with elegant crown molding installation.

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