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13 Stunning Painted Interior Doors - With Photos to Inspire

Painted interior doors have gained popularity in recent years as a creative way to add character and style to any space, a pattern I personally love to see happening in our painting company.

interior door paint ideas

This cool trend allows homeowners to break free from traditional design norms and inject a dose of personality into their homes.

Table of Contents:

Let's dive into the benefits, popular color choices, diverse perspectives and some painted interior door ideas.

Benefits of Painted Interior Doors:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: Painting interior doors can instantly transform the look and feel of a room. By choosing vibrant colors or contrasting shades, you can create focal points or tie together different design elements in your home.

  2. Easy & Affordable Upgrade: Painting interior doors is a cost-effective way to update your home. With minimal supplies and a little DIY effort, you can achieve a drastic change that won't break the bank.

Popular Color Choices for Painted Interior Doors:

  1. Classic White Doors: White doors offer a timeless and clean look, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. They provide a neutral base that works well with various interior styles.

  2. Bold Black Doors: Black-painted doors can create a dramatic and modern look. They add a touch of sophistication to any space and can be used to create striking contrasts.

  3. Vibrant Colors Doors: A trend gaining momentum is the use of vibrant colors, such as deep blues, sunny yellows, or bold reds. These shades inject energy and personality into a room, becoming a focal point.

Diverse Perspectives on Painted Interior Doors:

  1. Design Freedom: Painted interior doors give homeowners the opportunity to express their creativity and tailor their homes to reflect their personal style while complementing the overall design.

  2. Cohesive Design: While some choose bold and vibrant colors, others prefer a more subtle approach. Painting interior doors in muted tones creates a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere within a home.

Here Are Some Interior Door Paint Ideas

Whether you are looking to create a bold statement or achieve a more subtle and sophisticated style, there are various color options to consider.

Let's explore some popular interior door paint colors, including Black, Grey, Two-tone, Hale Navy, Sage green and some others, also discuss their benefits and suitability for different spaces.

Black Painted Interior Doors:

Black interior doors can bring a touch of elegance and drama to any space. They create a striking contrast and can serve as a focal point in a room. According to a study by Zillow, homes with black front doors can sell for up to $6,271 more than expected.

interior doors painted black

Black doors work exceptionally well in modern and contemporary interiors and can add a sophisticated touch to traditional spaces. They pair beautifully with light-colored walls and create a strong visual impact.

Painting Interior Doors Grey:

Grey interior doors offer a versatile and timeless look. They can be warm or cool-toned, depending on the shade chosen, and effortlessly complement a wide range of interior styles. Light grey doors create an airy and serene atmosphere, while dark charcoal shades bring depth and sophistication.

interior doors painted gray

According to a study by Zillow, homes with charcoal or dark grey front doors can sell for up to $1,514 more than expected.

Grey doors are incredibly adaptable and harmonize well with both light and dark-colored walls, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Painting Interior Doors in Two Colors:

For those seeking an unconventional approach, painting interior doors with two distinct colors can create a visually intriguing focal point. This technique allows you to showcase your creativity and personalize your space.

painting interior doors two colors

Consider using contrasting colors that complement each other, such as a navy blue outer frame with a white or cream center. This technique is particularly effective in rooms with neutral or monochromatic color schemes, as it adds interest and depth to the overall design.

Brown Painted Interior Doors:

Brown interior doors bring warmth and richness to any space. The use of earthy tones can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, especially in rooms where natural materials, such as wood or stone, are featured. Brown doors work well in traditional, rustic, and farmhouse-style interiors.

interior doors painted brown

Pair brown doors with warm-toned walls, such as beige or cream, for a harmonious and soothing ambiance. To balance the visual weight, consider choosing lighter brown shades for smaller or darker spaces.

Hale Navy Interior Doors:

Hale Navy is a deep, rich blue color that exudes elegance and sophistication. Painting your interior doors in this lavish shade can instantly elevate any room. It pairs beautifully with light-colored walls, creating a striking contrast that steals the show.

navy blue interior doors

Hale Navy doors are particularly popular in modern and transitional interiors, adding a touch of drama and luxury.

Yellow Interior Doors:

If you want to infuse your space with a burst of energy and happiness, consider painting your interior doors in light yellow. Yellow is associated with optimism and cheerfulness, making it an excellent choice for rooms that need a vibrant lift.

interior yellow door

According to a study by Dove Concepts, yellow is often used in interior design to stimulate creativity and evoke positive emotions.

Dark Sage Green Interior Doors:

Dark sage green is a sophisticated and calming color choice for interior doors. It brings a sense of tranquility to any space and works exceptionally well in rooms that seek a touch of nature-inspired elegance.

sage green interior doors

Green is often associated with harmony and balance, and according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, it can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Take a look at the most popular Sage Green Colors.

Light Blue Interior Doors:

Light blue is an excellent choice for creating a fresh and airy atmosphere. It evokes a sense of serenity and is often associated with calmness and clarity. Light blue doors can make a room feel more open and spacious, making them a perfect choice for smaller spaces or areas with limited natural light.

light blue interior doors

Scientific studies have proven that light blue colors have a calming effect on people.

Neutral Interior Doors:

Neutral-colored doors are timeless and versatile. Shades like beige, taupe, or off-white effortlessly blend with any interior style and color scheme, making them an adaptable choice.

neutral interior door colors

Neutral doors create a harmonious backdrop and allow other design elements, such as artwork or furniture, to take center stage. They also provide a cohesive look throughout your home, ensuring a sense of flow and unity.

The 4 Most Popular Bedroom Interior Door Paint Colors

When it comes to bedroom design, interior door colors play a crucial role in creating a harmonious and stylish space as we have mentioned bofer in our color section.

Painting your bedroom doors will add personality, enhance the overall aesthetic, and set the tone for the entire room.

With this being said I will show you the four most popular interior door paint colors that can transform your bedroom. From calming neutrals to bold statement hues, there is something for everyone to create their dream retreat.

1- Tranquil White:

White is timeless and versatile, making it a popular choice for bedroom doors. The crispness of white doors can create a sense of cleanliness and purity while providing a blank canvas for further decor and color choices.

painted white interior doors

White doors also reflect light, making the bedroom feel brighter and more spacious. According to a survey conducted by Houzz, white is the most popular color choice for bedroom doors, with 43% of respondents opting for this serene shade.

2- Serene Gray:

Gray has gained immense popularity in recent years, and it's easy to see why. This versatile color brings a sense of sophistication and tranquility to the bedroom. Soft shades of gray, such as dove gray or greige, create a neutral backdrop that pairs well with various decor styles and color schemes.

gray interior doors

According to some statistics from Zillow, homes with gray or greige (gray-beige) doors sold for an average of $1,514 more than homes with other door colors.

3- Bold Navy:

If you're looking to make a statement in your bedroom, painting your interior doors in bold navy can create a luxurious and dramatic look. Navy doors add depth and provide a striking contrast against lighter wall colors.

navy blue doors interior

This rich hue is often associated with serenity and sophistication. According to a survey by Elle Decor, navy is one of the top 5 most popular door colors in the US, Spain and France, with interior designers recommending it for creating a modern and elegant bedroom space.

4- Timeless Black:

Black is a bold and timeless choice for bedroom doors. This classic color exudes elegance and can add a touch of drama to your space. Black doors create a sleek and sophisticated look that works well with both modern and traditional bedroom designs.

paint interior doors black

According to a group of theraphist from New York, black was listed as the preferred color for interior doors by 27% of respondents, further confirming its popularity and versatility.

When it comes to bedroom interior door colors, the options are endless, but some choices stand out as all-time favorites.

Tranquil white provides a clean canvas, while serene gray adds sophistication. Bold navy creates a luxurious feel, and timeless black brings an elegant touch to any bedroom.

I will recommend always consider your personal style, the desired ambiance, and the existing decor to make the perfect choice and transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat.

Understanding Labor Cost To Paint Interior Doors and Pricing

If you're considering painting your interior doors, it's essential to understand the labor costs involved.

Various factors affect the pricing, including the quality of the paint used and whether you choose to tackle the job yourself or hire a professional painter. At our company, we prioritize maximum quality for our customers by using trusted brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. However, if you're doing the job yourself, you have the option to choose more affordable brands.

The cost of painting interior doors in the United States on average can be between $75 and $150 per door when performed by a professional painter. This estimate typically includes the necessary prep work, such as cleaning the doors, sanding, and applying a primer coat before the final paint application. Keep in mind that this range represents an average and prices may fluctuate based on location, complexity of the job, and the painter's experience.

  • Quality of Paint:

The type and quality of paint you choose will also impact the overall cost of painting your interior doors. Higher quality paints tend to be more durable, offer better coverage, and have a longer lifespan. While they may be more expensive upfront, they often require fewer coats and provide a better finish.

Low-quality paints may save you money initially, but you may end up needing more coats, resulting in additional labor costs. Therefore, it's wise to consider investing in higher quality paint to achieve a longer-lasting and more professional-looking result.

  • DIY vs. Professional Painter:

Another factor that affects the labor costs of painting interior doors is whether you choose to take on the project as a do-it-yourself (DIY) endeavor or hire a professional painter.

DIY painting can save you money on labor costs, but it requires you to invest your time and effort into the project. Additionally, you should consider your skill level and experience with painting to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

On the other hand, hiring a professional painter ensures expertise, efficiency, and high-quality workmanship. While the cost will be higher due to labor, it may be worth it if you prefer a flawless finish and want to save time and energy.

When budgeting for painting interior doors in the United States, it's crucial to consider the labor costs involved. On average, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 per door for labor, depending on various factors.


What is the cost to paint interior doors?

For labor costs, the average range to paint interior doors is between $75 and $150 per door. The final price can vary depending on different factors. It's important to keep in mind that the quality of paint you select will affect the overall cost. Higher quality paints typically require fewer coats, potentially saving you money in the long run.

What color to paint interior doors?

What paint to use on interior doors?

What type of paint for interior doors?

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