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Waterproofing Brick and Mortar

Protecting and Waterproofing Brick and Mortar Commercial Building Exteriors

Brick is a popular material popular for commercial building exteriors. Water enters the porous mortar through absorption and also through capillary action. The white powdery substance referred to as efflorescence, is caused by water that has a natural salt content, breaking down the cement. Both of these factors can cause leaks in a brick building which can result in costly structural damage and high repair costs. A quality coating product will form a seal around the bricks and mortar, providing protection against water intrusion, slowing down efflorescence formation, and reducing staining associated with absorption.


How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Waterproofing brick and mortar involves protecting the exterior of your business to prevent water from seeping in and damaging the structure of your building. The first step is to patch any holes or cracks in the brick itself. Then you can apply a waterproof coating as a protective barrier that’s applied both inside and outside. Finally, add a drainage layer to improve drainage and avoid pooling water.

For the best long-term solution, we recommend waterproofing. Whether used on the interior or exterior, it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to tackle water intrusion problems. Through a process designed to withstand time, weather and outside elements, a waterproofing sealant will block any existing openings while also strengthening the surface it’s applied to. And the beauty of this method is that it protects not just one area like paint can do, but your entire structure. It’s just one example of how a long-term fix from EIFS Waterproofing & Restoration can last for many years.



Proper Protection Against Water Intrusion for Brick and Mortar Exteriors

Our waterproofing specialists can help you in every step of the way by immediately discussing your needs, and reviewing your site layout. We carefully examine your property for possible problems that can prevent the best solution from working. Once the work is completed we fully inspect it again to ensure the water-resistant product was applied correctly. The service and application go beyond just waterproofing the exterior of your building—it involves masonry preservation as well.

Whether it’s a commercial building, home or monument, brick and mortar must be properly water sealed. Water damage is very destructive and expensive to repair, especially on older walls where cracks can form and the mortar might crumble. Choosing the wrong product for your brick and mortar could only make matters worse by allowing water to seep into the surface causing structural damage and other problems from which you may never recover.

Protect the way your brick or stone building looks by selecting the right water repellent, not all types are created equal. Your building's waterproofing should rely on a non-film forming sealant. A professional of First Call Painters will ensure that your brick is protected and not damaged further by use of the incorrect product. One of our team members will be able to select a water repellent that is safe for your building and preserves the look of your brick and mortar exterior.

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