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Top 3 Best Exterior House Paints for Durability & Finish in 2024

Hola, amigos! Juan here, today I'll serve as your trusted guide. With a painting roller in one hand and over 25 years of experience in the other, I've braved the highs and lows of the painting seas. I'm here to dive deep into the rainbow of exterior house paints – because, let’s face it, choosing the right paint is like picking the right outfit for your home!

Now, you might be wondering, "Juan, what makes the perfect exterior paint?" Is it the vibrant color that stands tall against the red-hot sun? Or the enduring formula that embraces your home, shielding it from the wear and tear of time? Bueno, why not both?

Here are the three big names in paint I've worked with: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr. Each brings its own palette of promises, but as with all epic tales, there can only be a few heroes.

The top 3 best exterior house paint of 2024 by First Call Painters-featuring Benjamin Moore Sherwin Williams and Behr

Table of Contents:

Why We Love Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams

At First Call Painters, we've tried a lot of different paints over the years, but we keep coming back to two favorites: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Why? Because they're awesome, and we're going to compare them and explain in a minute! But these brands stay looking good for years, even with the hot Florida sun shining down every day after 50 min of intense rain. When we use these paints, houses keep their fresh, just-painted look for a long, long time.

The best exterior house paint brands of 2024 Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams

Our Experience Using Behr (the budget friendly option)

Every artist has their trials, and mine came dressed in Behr. With an open heart and a hopeful brush, a couple of years ago we ventured into multiple projects, embracing Behr's promises. However, the course of true painting never did run smooth. As the months rolled by, so did the feedback, trickling in with tales of fading and wear.

People started telling me that the paint wasn't holding up as well as they hoped. It wasn't as tough against the weather and didn't stay looking nice for long.

That's when I made a final decision for my painting team. We decided to stick with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams most of the time. These paints just do a better job of keeping houses looking great.

However, here's a tip for all the do-it-yourself painters out there who are watching their wallets: Behr is a pretty good paint for the price. It's true that it might not last as long outside as the paints we like best, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. But if you're painting inside, where the sun and rain can't reach, Behr can do the job and save you some money too. It's a lot cheaper than the other two and a smart pick for rooms inside your house.

Women saving money using Behr Ultra as one of the best exterior house paint of this 2024

Below Is Our Comparison Table Of The Three Exterior Paint Brands: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr, Focusing On Various Aspects:


Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams


Paint Durability

Highly durable with long-lasting finish

Noted for durability and longevity

Good durability, high-rated by users

Color Selection

Wide color selection

Vast color palette; color matching available

Extensive color selection

Paint Finishes

Variety of finishes available

Variety of finishes available

Variety of finishes available

Climate Considerations

Products tailored for different climates

Offers specific weather-resistant options

Products tailored for different climates

Eco-Friendly Options

Green Promise® eco-friendly products

Several eco-conscious products available

Offers low-VOC and zero-VOC options

Paint Warranties and Guarantees

Limited warranties; varies by product

Limited lifetime warranties for some products

Limited Lifetime Warranty on many products

Average Price

$54 to $82 per gallon.

$56 to $121 per gallon.

$26 to $67 per gallon.

Public Rating




Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Quality Break Through

  • Long-lasting and tough: Benjamin Moore Paints are made to last a long time. They keep their color and smoothness even after being outside.

  • Best paints for the outside: Regal Select, Aura Exterior and Ultra Spec are some of the longest-lasting.

  • Crack-resistant: Good quality paint won't crack, even when the weather goes from very hot to very cold. Paint like Regal Classics doesn't crack and lasts longer.

  • Quick to dry: Benjamin Moore's paint dries fast.

  • Touch-dry in 30 minutes: Ready for a second coat in an hour.

  • Looks and feels good: Paint that is smooth and glossy shows it's high quality.

  • Sticks well to different surfaces: The paint sticks to stone, metal, or wood, but the surface needs to be clean from grease, oil, and dust first.

  • Color doesn't fade: This paint keeps its color for a long time. This is good when selling your house because it can make it worth more.

  • Good price for the quality: These paints spread easily, last long and cost less than some other paints. This means you get good value for your money.

Apartment building painted in green and white with Benjamin Moore Aura in Florida.

Apartment building painted in green and white with Benjamin Moore Aura in downtown West Palm Beach Florida United States

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Quality Break Through

  • Exterior Paint:

  • Great for outdoor surfaces like trim and siding.

  • Strong and lasts long.

  • Costs start at $73/gallon for flat finish.

  • Exterior Paint Plus Points:

  • Exterior version has fewer issues.

  • Good for many surfaces.

  • Lasts 5-7 years.

  • Mildew-resistant, even in shady spots.

  • Can be used in cold (above 35°F).

  • When Not to Use:

  • Do not use as a primer on bare wood.

  • Safe for Vinyl:

  • Safe for vinyl and aluminum siding. No need to thin for spraying.

Behr Exterior Paint Quality Break Through


  • I know we're talking specifically about exterior but I have to say that the one-coat coverage for interior is magnificent for beginners. There is no way to fail. Resistance:

  • Going back to the exterior. This paint is rain-resistant in 60 minutes and works in low temperatures down to 35°F. Finishes and Coverage:

  • It comes in various finishes and I chose flat/matte for stucco and satin for the rest.

  • The paint covers really well in one coat, even vibrant colors and almost pure white.

  • You'll probably need less paint than usual. Warranty:

  • It has a 10-year warranty against color fading. Qualities:

  • Can resist rain just an hour after painting (good choice for Florida or tropical weather areas).

  • Doesn't run, drip, or sag even when applied thickly.

  • Dries fast, within an hour, so you can work quickly.

  • Doesn't cause overspray mess, keeping nearby areas clean.

  • Use lower pressure (1600 PSI) than normal because of its solid content, reducing dust and overspray. Looking:

  • The house will look great, with natural-looking stucco and a not-too-shiny satin finish.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering about the best exterior house paint to give your home a wardrobe makeover, remember – it's not just about the brand; it's about the promise, the durability, and the journey it takes you on.

Stay vibrant, amigos, and till our brushes meet again – keep painting your story!


What are the best types of exterior house paint?

Latex paints are favored for their long-lasting quality and easy cleanup. On the other hand, oil paints are valued for their deep, vibrant finish and ability to resist shrinking and cracking. In terms of paint brands, I would strongly recommend Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

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